Welcome to a new type of production company!

NewNew is a production company for cost-efficient content productions. Our background is from traditional commercial production companies, with high production value and a long experience of production scaling. This enables us to work with efficient, tight productions, yet still deliver substantial content of high quality.



Our production model is all about customizing the process and product to suit your needs. This goes for everything from the most straight-forward case film using existing material, to full scale tv-format seasons and everything in between. No brief is too small or too big for us.

We are a core team of producers and directors connected to a great network of freelancers, ranging from cost-efficient ”one-stop-shop directors” to the best talent around (DOP, directors, editors, researchers, 3D-artists, illustrators – you name it). That allows us to always build the optimal team for you and your needs. We simply put the money where you get the most bang for the buck.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll put together a suitable production setup for you!


Tilde Franzén
Executive producer
+46 733 099 198

Frida Pettersson
+46 709 987 273

Lisa Sjösten
Creative Producer
+46 707 694 407

Emma Andersson
+46 701 478 471

NewNew, Krukmakargatan 22, 118 51 Stockholm
Invoices: p.new.703@kase.se

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